Boston newborn photography

Ten photographs that I try to take at every Boston Newborn Photography Session

Boston newborn photography

Newborn lifestyle photography is one of my favorite photography genres.  Every Boston newborn photography session is a little bit different because I try to capture the family in a personalized way but there are photos that I like to take at every session. There are ways you can prepare but I’m constantly thinking about your newborn lifestyle session and how to make it feel like you and your family.

  1. The Baby/BabiesBrookline Newborn Photographer

At every session, I take a photo of the baby/babies by him or herself.  Depending on how the session is going we wrap up the baby up in something from the house – a homemade blanket, a swaddle, or even just a pretty decorative blanket.  

2.  Mom/Parent and Baby

Brookline newborn photos Brookline baby photographer

Regardless if the baby was born to the mother or adopted, there is such a bond  and instinctual protection that is formed right away.  I’m always trying to figure out a way to document that love.

3. The Second Parent, if present

Boston newborn photography

Brookline natural newborn photo

In a lot of the families I photograph, the second parent is a dad but that is not always the case.  I have photographed two mom households and those with only parent.  We try to find a special way to capture the two together. 


4.  All together

Boston newborn photography

It is so important to take a photo of this new family unit. I’ll include a variety of options but my favorites are when something unexpected happens like a laugh.

5. The Baby Stretching

natural Boston baby photos

If you follow my work, you know that I LOVE movement.  I’m always telling people to move.  Over the years I learned a trick for getting that stretchy look from newborns in photos.  I try every time. Sometimes is works better than others but it 100% worth a shot.


6.  Incorporating an Architectural or Decor Detail

Brookline newborn photography

This should really be a bonus, but if there is something interesting about where you live I like to find a way to include it.  Sometimes it is something like a doorway or window. Other times it could something simple like a color.  


7. Getting Ready

Brookline newborn photographer

Brookline baby photography

Whether it is changing a diaper, an outfit, breastfeeding, or just swaddling, I’ll try to find a way for it to documented.

8.  Looking In

Brookline Newborn Photographer

Brookline newborn lifestyle photos

One way to create an intimate look to your photos is to have it appear like I’m looking into your life using the doors or other elements to frame you in the image.

9.  Details

Boston newborn photos

To me, details are not just photos of  your baby’s feet or hands but the small micro movements that you do naturally. I’m always telling people it is okay to move at the session and I want you to.  The more comfortable you are, the more you will feel like yourself and the gestures that happen naturally will happen for me to photograph.

10. Using the Light

Boston baby photography

Before starting any session, I ask families to show me around their home.  It helps me get my bearings but also let’s me see what the light looks like and how I can anticipate the light to change while I’m there.  When possible I try to find interesting ways to use the natural light in the home to evoke emotion and to add variety to your gallery.

Bonus! Siblings and Pets- if there are any.

Adding a new person to the family can be hard for the other children (and pets) in the family if they are used to having the grownups all to themselves.  This can be particularly difficult for a toddler who might not have the vocabulary to express his or her emotion.  While we definitely take a photo of all the kids together, it is also important to capture a photograph of each grown-up with any siblings by themselves.


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