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Let’s face it, we all collect a lot of “stuff” in our lives, but there are still some things that hold special meaning. So often, those things are photographs. The faded black and white photos of your grandparents on their wedding day. The photo booth strip from a party you attended with your partner when you first got together. The handful of your own baby pictures that you managed to steal away from your parents’ house.

The on-the-fly photos we take here and there can make us feel like we’ve captured enough images of our children as they grow. But how often do we find ourselves beside them in the frame? And are those aimless clicks enough to preserve our family’s story for us and for generations to come? 

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My love of photography started in childhood. Growing up in Rochester, New York, everyone knew someone who worked at Eastman Kodak. As a middle schooler, I even took a class at Kodak's Theater on the Ridge. But it wasn't until 2010 that I returned to photography with a newfound fascination and seriousness of purpose. As my own family grew, so did my interest in taking photographs that documented our life.

Now based in Belmont, MA I want to take for you the photos that I love taking of my own family — the artful, connected, emotion-filled shots that amplify the magic of the everyday. 

Those ordinary moments are where the meaning is. Those are the moments I know I’m going to miss when my kids are grown and gone. The way they’d run full-force into my arms after school. The way their little hands felt in mine. Reminders of those moments are the gift I hope to give you. Warm laughter, big snuggles, and the connection that comes from sharing a life together.  

Contact me today to talk about how we can preserve your family’s legacy with natural, genuine photography. 

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Ready to spend some quality time with the people you love most? Your session is a chance to hit pause on the rest of your to-do list and enjoy just being together. During your session, you’ll cuddle, laugh, play, and connect in ways that are relaxed and feel natural. 


We’ll keep things low-pressure and relaxed to help even the fussiest, wildest, and more camera-shy members of your family happy and in the frame. I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve and also love to remind families that sometimes letting go is the best path to cooperation.  


Surviving busy days shouldn’t get in the way of capturing a beautiful lifetime. You can schedule your session over email or phone (your preference). I’m available to answer any questions you have leading up to the day. After your session, you'll get access to your digital image gallery and simple instructions for ordering prints, products, and files.  


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Worried about your wiggly toddler, your colicky infant, or your partner who is reluctant to have his or her photo taken? Stressed about not fitting into your old jeans or the fact that you haven’t slept through the night in months? 

Trust me, we don't need perfection to get amazing images; we just need to show up as we are! You won’t regret this gift you are giving to yourself, your children, and generations to come. 

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