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Best Boston Newborn Photographs

The new year is always a time for reflection.  With kids, I find the year flies by and I can’t remember everything I did or accomplished. The same thing happens with my business.  For the first time in awhile, I went through all of my newborn sessions from the year and pulled out some of my favorites. (I’m hoping to do the same thing for my family sessions when I have time.)  Culling is not one of my strengths so I couldn’t just pull one image from every session.  I went through quickly and grabbed the photos that stood out to me the most. I love each one for a different reason. I can’t help but look at them and be so thankful that my job is go into people’s homes and hang out with them and their newborn, and take photographs.

In photography, there is not true definition of lifestyle, at least not that I know of. I use the term to describe my photography but to me, in newborn photography, I feel like I have succeeded if I have documented a situation where you wouldn’t have thought a camera was there.  During sessions, almost all of these photos were set up and posed in some way. But basically this just means I gave some minimal instructions and told you where to sit or stand and used the guidelines below.

There are three things that I always tell Boston families with babies to help bring out their personalities but they are also a reminder to me.

  • First, be close and touch someone.   These create points of connections and ensure you are close to the person next to you.

  • Second, look at each other and look at the baby and/or kids. I think this helps people relax and my favorite photos are never the images of people looking at me unless it is a baby or kid. Most adults I’ve met do not enjoy looking at the camera but love looking at their partner or children. Below, I’m not even sure I selected a camera aware image.

  • Third, it is okay to move.  It sounds strange but most people aren’t used to having their photos taken and need to hear this.

  • And, lastly, be patient.   During a  session we are on baby time.  One of the first things I tell parents is to take care of themselves and not worry about the time.  If you need a break take it.  If the baby needs to eat, take your time feeding him or her.  If the baby is crying, comfort the newborn.  The photos will happen.  It is also a reminder to me not to rush.  When you just watch and observe things – movements, gestures – happen.  That is the magic. This is what really makes these individual moments more personal.

So, if you have made it this far sit back, relax, scroll and enjoy. These photos are in no particular order.

mom laughing with baby and family charlestown newborn photographermom kissing sleeping newborn arlington newborn photographernewborn in crib acton newborn photographerfamily of four goofy around on the couch medford newborn photographermom kissing baby concord newborn photomom with kids acton newborn photographerbig brother and baby sister arlington newborn photographer dad holding baby on chest Charlestown MA newborn photographerblack and white baby portrait south shore newborn photoparent laughing with family and baby acton newborn photographeradoring big sister weston newborn photographerbig brother adoring newborn sister in crib arlington baby photographer big brother touching baby sister's face arlington newborn photosbaby toes somerville newborn photographerdad kissing newborn's hand arlington baby photographerportrait of baby in her crib dedham newborn photographermom holding baby in nursery boston newborn photographer dad comforting newborn boston photographermom and dad holding newborn arlington baby photographer parents looking at each other with baby arlington newborn photographer mom on couch with baby arlington newborn photographermom, dad and newborn lowell newborn photographermom holding newborn arlington baby photographer sleeping newborn arlington newborn photographerbaby smiling belmont newborn photographer parents' hands on baby belmont newborn photographerdad holding baby belmont newborn photographerparent laying with newborn Belmont photographerparents hanging out in bedroom boston newborn photographercat photo bombing boston newborn photosdad kissing mom while holding baby brookline photographer mom looking at baby boston newborn photographer parents holding newborn in nursery boston photographerdad in nursery with newborn dorchester baby photographer funny photo of baby and big brother dedham newborn photographermom with three kids concord newborn photographerbig sister and baby chelmsford newborn photographerparents holding newborn Boston baby photographerbaby in dad's arm concord newborn photographer mom and dad holding baby south shore newborn photographerparents looking at baby dorchester newborn photographer baby's head in mom's hands concord newborn photographerbrother crawling off bed boston newborn photographermom and baby sitting on couch lowell newborn photographerdad holding baby boson newborn photographer baby's profile Boston newborn photography mom kissing baby's hand Boston newborn photographerbaby looking at the camera Boston newborn photoblack and white portrait of new family lowell newborn photographerdog peeking in on baby in crib boston newborn photosbaby resting on mom's shoulder melrose newborn photographerparents with newborn reflected in the mirror Boston newborn photographer hands cradling newborn baby north shore newborn photosmom showing big sister the baby chelmsford newborn photographer mom and baby snuggling chelmsford newborn photographer dad making a face at baby medford newborn photographerparent and baby together chelmsford newborn photographerparents in nursery dedham newborn photographer mom laughing at baby lowell newborn photographerbaby's face lowell newborn photographerbaby winking on yellow blanket lowell newborn photographerdad kissing baby foot newburyport newborn photographernewborn baby in handmade blue blanket north shore newborn photographersilhouette of parents and baby lowell newborn photographerdad holding newborn lowell newborn photographermom and baby medford newborn photographerparents holding baby medford newborn photographerdad holding newborn daughter melrose baby photographerparents with baby in nursery melrose newborn photographermom and dad holding baby in front of blue wall melrose newborn photographerdog licking baby toes newburyport newborn photographerdad drinking coffee baby having a bottle newborn photographerdad with baby on his chest Newborn Photographer_0068dad holding baby somerville newborn photographerbig brother adoring baby sister north shore newborn photomom with baby and son in window nook north shore newborn photographerbaby toes somerville newborn photographfamily snuggling on the couch together arlington newborn photographerdad holding baby with son in rocking chairs north shore newborn photographerbig sister with new baby and dogs weston newborn photographerdad holding newborn in front of artbig sister with little baby sister weston newborn photographermom cradling baby north shore newborn photographerBig sister kissing baby sister belmont newborn photographerbaby in parent's arm somerville newborn photographer parents cradling newborn baby north shore newborn photographerparents with newborn charlestown MA newborn photographermom laying on bed with newborn and dog south shore newborn photographerdad holding baby on shoulder south shore newborn photographerFamily snuggling on bed with baby weston newborn photographerparents snugging on couch with dog and baby south shore newborn photographermom holding baby by the window south shore newborn photographerparents holding baby south shore newborn photographerblack and white baby portrait south shore newborn photobaby in crib weston newborn photographerbig sister holding little sister weston newborn photographerbaby looking at camera weston MA newborn photobig brothers with new baby brother rochester NY newborn photographerfamily with new baby sitting on couch rochester ny newborn photographerfamily in big sister's room belmont newborn photographerparents laughing with baby and big brotherbaby portrait somerville newborn photographer

new parents with baby acton newborn photographermom adoring newborn arlington baby photographerparents with baby charlestown newborn photosmom and dad looking at baby dorchester newborn photographerolder kid playing while mom watches on boson newborn photographermom snuggling with newborn charlestown baby photographernewborn resting on mom boston baby photographerdad looking at baby boston newborn photosbig brother holding little brothers finder dedham newborn photographerdad trying to hold all the kidsmom and kids in window nook boston newborn photographerbaby sleeping on bed north shore newborn photographerparent with baby boston newborn photographer

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    These are beautiful…a few people look familiar.  Xo


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