parents with hands on baby Newburyport Newborn Photographer

As a photographer, I love meeting new families but also getting to see so many parts of the state.  I’m from western New York, and I love exploring Massachusetts and coming up with trips to do with my family.  The other day Marc talked about not getting into Boston enough but I feel like I’m always in the city exploring.    This family lives up in Newburyport in a gorgeous home.  We bounced around the house a little bit but the first photo below is one of my favorites from their session.

When I arrived, dad was sitting watching TV with the baby on his lap. The window were to the right streaming in light – you can even see a small bright spot on this head.  I love how his hands are curled up around him.  What makes it so special is that it is them and not something I set up.  This is something that I try to look for at every session – a gesture or touch that is unique to each family.

If you scroll down, we also wrapped up the newborn in this beautiful, blue, hand knitted blanket.  The color is so vibrant and just beautiful.  Other photographers are surprised I don’t bring much with me but there are always gems like this around people’s homes.  Even if it wasn’t made for the baby, I can usually find  texture or color to utilize.


baby resting on dad's lap Newburyport Newborn Photographerparents with hands on baby Newburyport Newborn Photographernewborn sleeping Newburyport Newborn PhotographerDad kissing baby's toes Newburyport Newborn Photographerbaby fingers Newburyport Newborn Photographerbaby's face in handmade blanket Newburyport Newborn Photographercurled baby finders Newburyport Newborn Photographermom holding baby in nursery Newburyport Newborn Photographerdog kissing baby Newburyport Newborn Photographerdad laying with baby Newburyport Newborn Photographermom and dog taking a moment Newburyport Newborn PhotographerMom and dad smiling at each other Newburyport Newborn PhotographerDad holding baby Newburyport Newborn Photographerparents feeding baby Newburyport Newborn Photographermom feeding baby Newburyport Newborn Photographernewborn sleeping Newburyport Newborn Photographerdog kissing baby's toes Newburyport Newborn Photographer


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