April 28, 2020

The Community of the Best Boston Family Photographers

When you are a Boston family and newborn photographer a lot of the work you do is from home and sometimes you miss out on having coworkers.  Over the 8 years I have been in business, I have been fortunate enough to meet some really incredible local photographers in the Boston area.  We have some water cooler moments online and a few real life meetups.  Navigating business now with the coronavirus has been especially tricky trying to figure out when to stop sessions, speculating on when to start again, and everything in between. I’m grateful for the crew of photographers I know  who are keeping me going during this time.


Boy siting in grass Belmont Family Photography


1. We check-in with each other

Whether is a text, zoom meeting or a call, these check-ins are so helpful especially right now.  Everything is a bit uncertain and talking with someone who knows exactly what you are going through is so helpful.  One local photographer set up a bi- weekly checkin for  a few of us.  A lot of the chatter is just about how we are doing, guessing about when things will open up, and how will be safe doing sessions moving forward; however, just seeing their faces is always something to look forward to.

toddler smiling belmont family photographer

2. We share and create opportunities

Once a year, a group of us  get together for a photo walk. A few years ago we planned a group shoot.  Another time a dinner.  These are just fun get togethers.  Currently, there is an online photography contest happening.  I wasn’t going to submit anything but then a few other photographers encouraged me.


Happy family Boston Photographer

3. We support each other

The other day I mentioned to another local Belmont photographer that I was feeling uninspired and just didn’t have the space for creativity.  Does Marc get it? No.  But another photographer? Definitely, yes! She pointed me in the direction of Kristine Nyborg Photography who is doing a free workshop called 21 Weeks of Corona Stories – for photographers and non-photographers.

Sometimes the support is more simple.  How can I edit this photo?  Can you review this gallery?  How would you deal with this challenging issue?   Can you recommend a class?

parents swinging child Belmont Family photographer

4. We celebrate each others’ successes

In Boston, there are so many talented photographers.  They are getting awards, teaching classes and being published. It is so nice to see these accomplishments and congratulate these friends. Sometimes the support comes as just a comment on an amazing image posted on an IG.

happy family boston photographer

5. We help each other out

When I needed a headshot, I asked another photographer.  I was totally willing to pay and support her business but she did it for me .  When I saw another photographer’s toddler completely freaked out at their family session – which happens  –  I offered to do a quick session with them since I knew how much she was looking forward to being in the photographs with her family.  Maybe it is karma, or maybe it is just being there for people that you know.

happy family boston photographerhappy family boston photographermom and son smiling Belmont Family photographerParents looking a child Belmont Family PhotographyFamily giving toddler a kiss Belmont Photography

Looking for a Boston newborn or family photographer?  Reach out here!


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