Hanukkah lighting the candles

The holiday season is upon us and thus begins the time of year where we navigate the holidays.  We are raising the kids Jewish but we do celebrate Christmas at my family’s house. The allure of Christmas is strong and once the holiday lights are up and the kids start seeing trees up at other people’s homes the questions start rolling in.  My four year old once asked me if I was “Christmas” because Grandma and PapPap are “Christmas.”

Last year, Hanukkah and Christmas overlapped so we were able to share the lighting of the candles with my family.  Below is a photo from one of the eight nights and it just sums up how it went. It is my favorite holiday photo.  I’d give you the back story but there is so much going on and you can probably makeup your own stories from the expressions on everyone’s faces.

I’m part of a blog circle with some incredibly talented photographers where we share one photo along with some thoughts.  Please take a moment and continue to Jessie Nelson’s page.

Hanukkah lighting the candles



  1. Tara says:

    This is so awesome! I love that you were able to capture Hanukkah with your family, and little man’s expression in back is cracking me up!!! 

  2. Danielle says:

    What an awesome moment you captured. 

  3. Monica says:

    Beautiful moment 

  4. The kid crying in the background just makes this image. Love the documentary feel.

  5. Sarah says:



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