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When you work from home and by yourself, it can get a bit lonely. One of the positives about social media is that it is easy to network, especially within the photographer community.  Over the last few months, I have been a part of some great business conversations with some other photographers, on of whom is Leanne Hymes.  Leanne is an Altanta newborn and family photographer and she wrote a guest post for my site on how to use details when telling a story.




How I Use Details To Tell A Story

I once heard that a photographer’s personality is reflected in their images. Anyone who’s studied photography knows that when presented with a single scene, 10 different photographers will interpret it each in their own way. 

By nature, I am an introvert who prefers to be an observer vs. the center of attention. I’m often drawn to the details of a scene because they are usually quieter and more subtle, which suits me.

 Here are some ways I’ve used details to tell a story: 

I think hands are so indicative of character and action.I wanted to tell the story of my son playing outside in the dirt. A close-up image with a shallow depth of field draws our eye directly to the story of a 3 year old covered in mess! 


detail of hands in dirt


Here I was drawn to my son and my mom working together to build a gingerbread house. (Impossible!) But I loved the contrast between their ages and how it was reflected in their hands. 



details of hands grabbing cookies


I’m also on the lookout for details that demonstrate the uniqueness of a situation. I wasn’t as much interested in what we were making, but that fact that he insisted his favorite turtle join us. I know in just a few year’s time his favorite “friends” won’t go everywhere with him and I want to cherish this time. 



details of cooking

So many moms reached out to me after I shared this image because it resonated with them. Moms with older kids expressed how they were transported back to when their children were younger and constantly hanging on them. The days are long and the years are short. Man can those days feel long when someone is constantly tugging at you!!



detail of hand grabbing leg

Lastly, if I had to choose a favorite detail, it would be newborn hands and feet. Is there anything cuter??



details of toes

Professional photographers are skilled at using multiple techniques to tell a story. I believe the details of our daily lives are some of the things that should be cherished the most because, especially with kids, they change so very quickly. Prior to a session, I always encourage my clients to think about what details they want to capture, from their kids’ favorite stuffed animals to a cherished book to newborn toes. It is all priceless.



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