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Tips to Prepare your for your Family Photography Sessions

How on earth do you prepare for you family photography session? What should we wear is the most common question I get from families, but I think there are some more important to things to consider.


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1. Make sure everyone is well rested.

If little kids are involved make sure they get their naps.  Scheduling a session at nap time or bedtime has never worked out well for the under 4 crowd.  And, while we are talking, keep to a regular routine.  Don’t spend the day sightseeing or wearing everyone out and then go to your family session.

2.  Feed and hydrate everyone.

Does anyone else besides me get hangry? Make sure the family has snacks before the session or feed them an early lunch or dinner.  Don’t wait until after the session to treat everyone to a special meal.

3. Try to stay relaxed.

This is easier said than done. I find that many kids mimic their parents.  If you can stay calm and happy, the kids are more likely to smile and have fun. Take a deep breath.  I would rather have a family be a few minutes late and arrive happy then stressed out parents and unhappy kids who were yelled at and rushed to a session.

4. Leave the cell phone in the car.

It is pretty rare that I have some who needs to be accessible 24/7.  Plus, if you put the cell phone in your pocket it will create an impression in your pants or shirts.  Kids revel in your attention so leave it behind.

5. Have fun.

All my sessions with kids are about interacting with each other and their parents. There is no rule that we have to sit still and stare at the camera.  Chase them. Tickle them.  Spend a quiet moment sitting with them and sharing a memory.  You will feel more like yourself and natural expressions will just come out.

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Feeling prepared? I can’t wait to meet you.  Let’s setup a time.


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