girl making snow angel boston child photographer

I haven’t posted with my blog circle in awhile so I’m looking forward to a new year and catching up with their work. I’ve been keeping up with my daily photos, though. Back in October I finished 365 days but it felt different completing a calendar year. Here is a quick video looking at my 2015 year.

boy working on legos with dad boston child photographer

December 29, 2015

child peeking out of box boston child photographer

December 30, 2015

child saying don't take my photo boston child photographer

December 31, 2015

building a robot with dad boston child photographer

January 1, 2016

building a tower with wooden blocks boston child photographer

January 2, 2016

girl making snow angel boston child photographer

January 3, 2016

girl working on robot boston child photographer

January 4, 2015

I’m lucky to be involved with a blog circle of other talented women.  Please take a moment and continue the blog circle by checking out Jennifer Carr’s work.

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  2. Congratulations on finishing a 365 and jumping right in to another one! I’m sure it’s awesome having so many photographs of your family!

  3. Way to go on the 365! I love the compilation, you really caught some neat memories! And I love the cardboard box photo! And the light in the last one *drool.* So pretty!


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