Project 365 collage
Project 365 collage

So, I just wrapped up my photo-a-day project for 2017. This year it isn’t a true 365 project. In April, when I threw my back out, and in the process I dropped my external hard drive. It was at that moment I realized I had not setup my backups for my new computer. I lost over 4 months of personal photos (client work was fine). I was in so much physical pain and then became an emotional wreck. It was not a good week.

At some point, I came to realize the photos are just things, and it will be okay. I don’t really NEED all these images. Artistically, I feel like I still had a setback. I started the year off with a lot of inspiration and lost some motivation. But really, I’m doing this project for my kids so they have these photos of their childhood to look back on. With determination, I kept on going.

Over the last month, I managed to piece together some of that time but I’m definitely missing chunks. The recovery firm couldn’t recover anything and if they could it would have cost me over $2K. So, before you do anything else today make sure your photos are backed up.

For this year, I threw in a bunch of other photos. I think there are over 365 images but I don’t have the emotional energy to go and count and double check dates this year.

In looking back at the photos, I was pleasantly surprised to see Ezra is in quite a few. He doesn’t like having his photo taken these days. Also, I feel like Sadie grew up this year and lost most of her babyness (**tear).

When I’m in the stuck in the daily grind, it doesn’t feel like we do a whole lot but reviewing our year in less then 3 minutes, I see how much we got out and enjoyed life. It makes me think I need to slow down and savor these days a bit more.

So, if you have 2 minutes and 57 seconds take a look. My MIL always tells me the video is too fast, so I know. However, I love how it is just a quick glimpse of our lives.


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