somerville fall family portraits

Get the most out of your fall family photographs with this tips.

Fall is a popular time for family portraits. In New England we get beautiful colors that provide a beautiful, vibrant backdrop.  There are a few things you and your family can do to keep the session fun, relaxed and stress free.


  1. Keep your day stress free.

Once Labor Day hits, peoples’ mindset change.  Gone are the long days and unstructured time and in September we get back to our schedules.  There is an urge to pack in a lot on the weekends, but the day or your session try to keep your schedule light.  If you have an afternoon session but you have been to 2 birthday parties beforehand your kids might be exhausted and overstimulated.  For younger kids, keeping their routines is essential.  Make sure they take their naps and are well-fed.

somerville fall family portraits

2.  Feed everyone. 

I don’t know about you but if I don’t eat frequently I get hangry.  Give your kids an early meal and water before the session.  No one is going to enjoy themselves if they are hungry and are waiting to go get dinner as a reward.

throwing stones in the pond

3. Dress for the weather.

It is August and the temperatures are still in the 80s but in a blink of an eye the sweaters and jeans will be out.  Look up the time of your session and check the temperature. Even if the high of the day is 50 degrees, early in the morning it could be in 30s or low 40s.  T-shirts and dresses without tights won’t cut it.  If you don’t want to wear coats, wear layers.  On cold days I wear thin thermals under my jeans. If you know your child is sensitive to colder temperatures, schedule your session in September before the temperatures start to fluctuate or better yet, opt for an in-home session.

fall maternity photographer brookline

4.Relax and have fun.

Children are going to look to their parents – if you are smiling and having a good time, they will too.  When was the last time, everyone in your family was screen free and focused on each other for a full hour? Your kids will eat it up because your full attention is on them.  Leave your phone in the car or if the session is at your house put it in a drawer.  

For natural smiles, talk with your kids, play games, chase them, tiggle them, and toss them in the air.

one year child with parents fall portraits boson

5. Give everyone a say.

My most frequently asked question is what should we wear.  Personally, I think we spend too much time on it, myself included.  The short answer is if you are looking for a more cohesive look dress the hardest person first, then pick out complimentary colors from the outfit.  In the fall, maroons, tans, mustard yellow, brown, greys, etc work best. Layers add interest and at all cost AVOID neon.

That said, if everyone has a say, they will be happier.  If you have your heart set on a certain dress for your daughter but she hates how it feels on her  you are already setting up the session in a negative light. Know your kids. If I buy my daughter a new “fancy” and sparkly dress she’ll be into anything.  

two kids being silly family photographer boston

In one of my favorite family photographs , the kids are wearing their favorite sock – bright neon. I did a common photographer trick and just converted the image to black and white.

kids walking with parents

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