Adding motion into family photos

Five Ways I Add Motion Into Every Family Photo Session | Boston Family Photography

Do you want to feel and look more natural during your family photo session? Adding movement and motion  to your photography session will be you feel more like yourself.  When you move, not only can you see it but you can almost feel it in the photos. There is a warmth and energy to the photographs that just don’t happen when people are static, standing still. Plus, you probably won’t feel as self-conscious if you are looking constantly at the camera for an entire hour if you are moving around. Here are my tips for any family or photographer describing how I add motion to every family photo session.


1. You have my permission to move.

At the beginning of every session I try to remember to give you permission to not look at the camera and toe move. Kids naturally move but parents need a reminder. Whether you haven’t had photos since your wedding or you used a different photographer before, it is okay to move. These micro-movements – looking at your child, brushing the hair out of his or her face, embracing your oldest in a hug – will help you focus on your family and you’ll feel more comfortable.

Adding motion into family photos

2. Toss, twirl and/or spin the kids.

I haven’t met a single kid who doesn’t like at least one of these things. Even the older kids get a kick out of it. These activities will inevitably lead to smiles and laughter. Here, the child loved getting a back ride from his mom.


Adding motion into family photos

After playing around with mom for awhile, he snuggled into his mom’s lap where we brought the energy down.

child snuggling in mom's lap3. Hug someone.

Just the act of hugging is a movement and beautiful, connected imagery will comes out of it.

Adding motion into family photos

4. Talk during your photo session.

Whether you are singing a favorite song, telling a story or talking about what you are doing after (getting ice cream comes up a lot) so many wonderful expressions happen. This little guy was teaching me how to count in another language.  He became really animated with big smiles.

Adding motion into family photos

5. Walk with the kids (or chase).

If you have worked with me before I usually try to do 1-3 walking “poses.” It usually goes walk, walk and insert action – run, swing, or follow the leader. In the first photo, I usually get everyone looking at me and then the other photos are of the family having fun. The kids always laugh. Other times, I’ll ask a parent to chase the kids and then grab them and sweep them up.

Adding motion into family photos

boy walking with his parents boston family photographer

If you want natural, genuine expressions for your smile at the camera photo then having fun the rest of the time is essential.

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