Boston Family photographe

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Dear Sadie and Ezra,

Fall is here and we’ve been busy.  We’ve been apple picking twice, observed the high holidays, and spent time with your cousins who visited us last weekend.

Ezra, you are still loving every minute of preschool, although it is difficult to get out of you what happens every day.  The class has a blog and the other day there was a photo of a tarantula that visited the classroom.  Now, that would have been worth noting.  You are constantly asking me about your cubby neighbor – is he here yet? Is he feeling better? You are also always asking to visit your cousins.  It makes me sad that we can’t just get and the car and go visit them. Last weekend we surprised you with a visit and you had an amazing time with them.We visited Squam Lake Nature Center and then did a long hike with them.  I was so impressed with how well you did considering the length of the hike.

Sadie, your language skills are improving everyday.  The other day you strung together four words!! “I want baby mommy” is what you said.  You are also getting used to being at day care.  The first few weeks your lips would quiver and tears would form in your eyes but last week you ran out of my arms to say hi to Jed.  You are also fascinated with your brother.  Even though he can be a bit rough with you and take pretty much anything you are holding, you always ask for him.




Boston Family photographeBoston Family photographeBoston Family photographeBoston Family photographeBoston Family photographe



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  2. Alison says:

    Such sweet words about your two – and so fun to watch them growing and developing over these past months! Thank you for sharing this!


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