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Wow, another month has gone by…excuse me flown by. We spent the last week in August on vacation, traveling to New Brunswick Canada and New Hampshire. You both loved spending so much time with your dad. In New Brunswick you both loved the long tides and we spent a good deal of the vacation stomping in mud, looking for shells, rocks and berries.

The rest of the month has been full of transitions. First we moved you, Ezra,  into a twin bed, which you call your mattress. Next, we moved Sadie Into your room. This was a bit traumatic  for all of us but slowly it is working out. There have been a few hiccups but it has been worth it, especially now that I have my room back. Ezra, you were so excited to have Sadie sleep in your room and were disappointed when we hadn’t had a moment to setup the crib for her. And, finally you started preschool! The transition has been very easy for you I think because you were so used to going to Jed’s, your former day care.

Sadie, the transition away from mommy two mornings a week has been harder for you. You are a little more attached and cry every time I leave. It is hard but I know a few minutes after I leave you are fine. When I go to pick you up I love hearing you squeal “mommy!! You cling to my arms and you won’t let me put you down.  On Fridays, while Ezra is at school, I signed us up for a music class. You loved it when you were a baby so I thought it would be fun to do together without Ezra. You seemed to be a bit confused and I wondered if you thought I would be leaving you. You also missed Ezra and kept walking to the door calling out for him. It is amazing how much you want to be with your brother especially since he does a fair amount of roaring in your face and stealing of your toys.

Despite some behavioral issues your brother is looking out for you. The other day while we were drumlin farm he didn’t want you to grip the fence on near the pig pen since the pig was close by. He has done similar things before like trying to have you walk on the side walk and not the street.

I’m looking forward to next month when your cousins will be visiting!



I’m just realizing that I hardly took any photos this past month. The photos below are from our vacation. I’ll have to make more of an effort this month.

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