February 3, 2015

Ezra was sick pretty much all week but we were snowed in Tuesday anyway. Snowstorm Juno came and I felt bad that Ezra couldn’t enjoy the snow for most of the week. We don’t worry we created our own fun inside the house.

I’m excited to be participating in a 365 blog circle this year. Please take a moment to check out the beautiful work in the blog circle and looking at Heather’s work.

boston photographer storm junoproject 365_0002

1/27/15 “The morning of snowstorm Juno”

potty training boston photographer project 365

1/28/15 “An alternative way to use the potty”

snow day boston photographer project 365

1/29/15 “Walk in the snow”

hanging out boston photographer project 365

1/30/15 “Hide and seek”

sibling love int he morning bosotn photographer project 365

1/31/15 “Morning in bed”

aspiring photographer boston project 365

2/1/15 “Aspiring photographer”

magna tile maze project 365 boston photographer

2/2/15 “Magna Tile maze”


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  2. kerry says:

    snow, snow and more snow!! Love the first image especially and “walking in the snow” made me laugh out load. I bet I look like that as well 😉

  3. Sarah says:

    we have snow too! Looks like you had a lot of fun. So love the expression in number 2

  4. Charity says:

    Your daughter is just too funny! I love seeing pictures of her!

  5. Heather Lathrop Chang says:

    Great storytelling of your week! I think my favorite is the first one and the walking in the snow! Adorable!!


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