December 3, 2019

Reasons why your next Boston family session should be at home

family planning fooseball together Boston family photographer


We are winding down on the busy season for photographers.  In New England, fall is a popular time for family photographs. Not only are parents looking to update their family portrait but the impressive foliage creates a gorgeous backdrop.

It might seem odd that I’m writing about having an indoor family session, but here me out.  I love photographing families outside in a playful manner under a gorgeous sunset; however, as I photograph more and more families in their home I see how it is such a natural fit.

So, why should you consider it, let me help explain.


Kids can be themselves.

At your home, kids are on their home turf. For the shy kid that needs time to warm up, or the child that doesn’t want their photo taken there is a comfort that might not be there when you bring them to an unfamiliar place.  My son dislikes having his photos taken but when we are all engaged in an activity or he is showing the photographer his favorite toy or book all is forgotten.

child in teenage mutant ninja turtle mask while playing pool south shore family photographer

 Two kids Looking in the cabinet South Shore family photographerPlaying pool with dad south shore family photographer

We capture your family’s interests.

As kids get older, their interests change.  As I look back on my own photos, not only do the kids grow and get older but it is a trip down memory lane to see how Sadie used to pretend to be a doctor, or how we used to do a lot of science experiments. Family sessions are planned around your children’s personalities.  Sometimes I can come in and I can work off the children’s interests in an organic way, while other times we can pre-plan a few activities that everyone can participate in such as baking, playing a game, water balloon flight, etc.

father and son playing a game together at the kitchen table South Shore family photographerCooking popcorn with dad South Shore Family photosPlaying pool with dad south shore family photographer

The details aren’t lost.

How does your son hold his pen? Do your daughter’s feet touch the ground when she sits at the kitchen table? Do you remember the silly face your oldest makes to get his baby sister to laugh.  These seemingly small details are so much bigger when you look back on them years later.

mom and son drawing together south shore family photographerlego left on the stairs by a child South shore family photographerboy wearing a teenage mutant ninja turtle costume Wouth Shore family photographerboy leaning over the couch South Shore Family Photographer

But what about my home?

Don’t worry about where you live. Everyone thinks their condo/apartment/house isn’t clean enough, nice enough, fill-in-the-blank enough.  When I was a child we had a green shag rug in our living room and I love looking back on those photos.  To me, seeing them is a glimpse into the past and those details bring back other memories.  We had a session in our current house a few months after moving in.  A few walls were half painted and not one room was settled.  I don’t see those imperfections in the photos.  What I do notice is my son’s smile, or how my husband is interacting with our daughter.

5. But, can we still take photos all together?
Yes, of course, and your kids will be more relaxed – or hyper –  but definitely more cooperative.

family sitting together smiling on the couch Boston family photographer

dad sitting on the couch with each of his sons Boston family photographerboy hugging his mom Boston family photographermom hugging her son South Shore family photographer

And, if you are really lucky you’ll get a photo with Leonardo.


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