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How to get a playful home photography session with three kids

Many of my family photography sessions take place outside but I really love a family session at home. Sessions at home are more personal and can be catered to the interest of the family. When mom and I chatted we discussed the interests of the children and any gestures of characteristics that the children have at this stage. We met in January so meeting indoors worked well for the cold day.  At the end of the session we all bundled up and ran around outside kicking soccer balls, shooting basketballs and playing on the swings.

The boys are really into soccer and football and dance parties.  Like any younger sister, her daughter is in to whatever her older siblings are doing. Facial expressions that range from stink eye to broad smiles and giggling fits are common with the youngest.  The kids pile on each other and love snuggling and hugging. Music and dancing are a big part of life at home.  With this information, we tried to capture most of what life was like at home.  As an added bonus the grandparents were visiting from Europe so we were able to include them in many photographs too.

The key to this type of session is just to have fun and show off their personalities.

modern family portrait Boston photographersnuggling with dad Boston Family photographerboys dancing Concord Family photographerkids hanging out in the nursery Concord Family Photographerportrait of a mom resting Boston family photosbrothers hugging Concord Family Photographer kids playing guitar on the bed Concord Family photographerkids snuggling Concord Family photoskids snuggling Concord Family photosFamily snuggle fest Concord Photographertoddler girl reaching her hand out Boston family photographerSitting with mom Concord Family photos boy sliding down the stairs Concord Family PhotographerSnuggling with mom Boston Family Photographerdad tossing son onto bed boston family photographerdad goofing around with children Concord Family photographerdad goofing around with children Concord Family photographerkids playing around in bedroom Concord Family Photographerboys playing on bunk beds Concord Family Photographer upside down portrait of a boy Boston Family photographerGrandfather with grandson Boston Family Photographerboy snugging with grandma Concord Family photographerboy holding grandfather's hands Concord Photographerboy putting on shoes to go outside Concord family photographerFamily portrait with grandparents Concord Family photographergirl walking in front on dad Boston Family photographergrandparents laughing Concord Family portraitsboy playing soccer with grandfather Concord Family Photographerboy shooting a basketball Concord Family photographer

Are you ready to capture your family’s personality at home?

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