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Should I Schedule a Fall Mini Session?Boston fall mini session photographer

What is this talk about Boston mini photo sessions? Should I book one?  What on earth is a mini session? Is there are difference from a full session?

Every photographer treats them a little bit but in general they are shorter sessions usually at a lower price point because the sessions are  back-to-back.  Every year, I go back and forth on whether I should offer them but I do realize there are some pros for families and full hour sessions might not be necessary for every family.  Once a year I offer fall mini sessions that are posted first on my newsletter and sell out quickly.  You may have heard me refer to it as reunion day.  For me, I get to see so many families that I’ve been photographing in the Boston area over the years. 

Here are a few things that come up that might help you make the decision.

1. Does your family need time to warm up?

If you have a child who needs more time to warm up to a stranger or a new place than a full session might be better for you.  In a full session, we can explore, take our time, address any concerns that come up. Mini sessions are 20 minutes and that time goes by really quickly.

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2. Do you need flexibility?

If you have your heart set on a specific location, a certain place or the ability to reschedule than a full session is what you need.  Mini sessions are back-to-back and if you tend to run late that will eat into your scheduled time. Boston fall family photographer

3.  How many photos do you need? 

If you really only need a few photos, maybe an updated family portrait then a mini session is for you.  The reason that I love full sessions is that you get a more storytelling vibe from the photographs, which also means more variety.  Time allows me to connect with the family and to be creative.  Some of my favorite photos happen at the end of the session.  However, as kids get older we don’t spend as much time chasing toddlers or playing silly games.  In that case, a mini sessions is perfect to get a few updated photos of everyone.  

Boston fall family photos Boston fall mini session photo


So who do Boston mini photos sessions work best for?

Boston fall family portraits

Personally, I find that mini sessions work best for families that I have worked with me before or who have kids who aren’t afraid of strangers.  I think sometimes families might use a mini session to test the water per se to see if they like someone but I don’t think you get the full experience.  Sessions are shorter, there isn’t a lot of wiggle room and the photos can look different.  Also, I find that families with older kids might like a shorter session.  

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