Award Winning Boston Newborn Photographer

Every year, I submit a few images to competitions.  There are a lot of photographers around so it rarely works out.  The one place I submit to every year is the Voice photography competition through Click & Co.  There are about 15 different categories and 15 finalists are selected in each category.  The collections are always beautiful and I love looking through the award winning photographs every year.  In 2016, I had an image selected in the Still Life category but not since. So, I was pretty surprised when one of my images was selected especially given I thought it was rejected in a live judging round.

Award Winning Boston Newborn Photographer


The photograph was taken last year in Boston but I feel like looking at it now, the emotion from the image seems so relevant.  When you submit an image, you need to give it a title.  For me this was hard. The image came from a session and it was spontaneous.  The older kids – ages 2 and 4 – were occupied so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to take a few photographs of the mom and newborn.  But as we all know, as soon as the younger children realized the focus wasn’t on them, the kids ran over to mom.  I quickly adjusted mom composition, which is why the angle is looking down,  to get the scene in front of me – the kids clinging to their mom.  I really love how the mom’s natural instinct is to comfort her son and the detail of the doll off to the corner.  It looks like the daughter dropped it to hug her mom’s leg.


“Making Space” is the title I went with for the photograph.  In my mind, no matter what we do as mothers we are often shifting our focus, multitasking and setting aside our needs for the little people  around us.  This mom took it all in stride.  To me, looking at just the one image a lot of emotion is evoked; however, the moments after were full of laughter and fun.  It is a reminder that photography is one slice of time and is telling one particular story.


This isn’t a typical image that I’d give at a newborn and family session just because you can’t create moments like this.  And, honestly, I’m nervous giving families images like this but it was one of my favorites. It is easy to overlook it because there are no faces but when I reached out to the mom to let her know she said it was one of her favorites, too.   It doesn’t need to be an award Winning Boston newborn photographer image but I love that others saw something in it, too.


If you would like to view the entire Voice collection, I really recommend it.  You can find it here.


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