Boston family kissing daughter in the year Boston Photographer

Reasons to Take Photos in Your Backyard this Year

Boston family kissing daughter in the year Boston Photographer

Outdoor family sessions at home are not new for me but it might just be the thing you are looking for. You want photos of your kids but you are not sure you want to venture to a park in Boston. The perfect alternative is an outdoor family photography session in your back or front yard.  Sometimes we overthink if our yard or home is a good location.  In almost every scenario is is.  If you still are not sure, just reach out and we talk.


1. No masks for you.

For a young child that is scared of masks or even dogs.  There is no worrying about people coming near you.  You can just relax and have fun.

girl running to her dad boston family photographer

2. Visual memory of where you spend your time.

Many of us are spending a lot of time at home.    Maybe it is temporary. Maybe it is permanent. But, it is where you are right now. After we moved, I started looking around for photos of our first home.  I wanted  have photographs of where the kids grew up. I know in a few more years, I’ll be looking to show them photographs of the pandemic and how they spent their time.

Boston family hugging in backyard photography session

3. You can incorporate the kids favorite things.

Do you have a swing set or trampoline? Does your little love the little plastic pool you bought? Do you spend time tossing the frisbee? Besides getting a family portrait, we can make the session fun by incoporating your traditions into the session. Years from now, you can look back on these photos and talk about how you  son and your played catch in the backyard during the pandemic. Or, how you daughter always threw the soccer ball into the pool to see what would happen.

girl tossing a ball in the kiddie pool Boston family photographer

4. Forget about traveling.

Take the stress out of getting to your session.  Instead of trying to get everything into the car, just walk outside.  Your  energy can spent playing and goofing around with your kids.

mom hugging daughter Boston Family photographer

5. Personalized photos that feel like you.

No one will have photos that look like yours.  Your space.  The feelings you have there are unique to you.

family playing games in the yard boston family photography mom hugging daughter boston family photographerr mom and dad playing with daughter in the yard boston family photographer funny dad sequence with daughter Boston family photos happy family boston family photographer


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