Parents with newborn outside in Boston

Can I still have a newborn session in the Boston area?

Parents with newborn outside in Boston

So, we are in the middle of a pandemic here in Boston and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is trying to figure out its reopening strategy. With all of this confusion you are wondering if you can still get photos taken of your newborn.

Everyone has different comfort levels, plus information about Covid-19 and what is allowed is constantly changing. I’m working with each family individually to determine a plan of action. What you are comfortable with now might change when the baby arrives.

An alternative to an indoor newborn lifestyle session is an outdoor one! The temperatures are warming up and it stills allows you to get photos of your family with this new baby. However the question for many families is – What does an outdoor newborn session look like?

Over the years, I have photographed a few newborn sessions outside as part of an indoor session  but until now I didn’t have a full session to give examples. These outdoor sessions for babies can be outside your home or at a local park. I know for many people who hire me, they are doing so because of the newborn photos they see on my website.  It can be disappointing to shift gears from an indoor to outdoor session if your heart was sent on something, I get it.  This change and shift might not be for everyone but I hope the example and information below helps.

What do you need to know?

1. Most of the changes don’t really impact you.

A lot of the changes are more for me to find work arounds. I’m using different lenses that let me stand farther away. I’m wearing a mask, keeping distance and not touching anything or anyone.

mom and baby together in Boston

2. The outcome is the same.

One of the things I most love about newborn photography is capturing the connection and bonds between families and babies. To me, the location doesn’t matter. We can still capture the emotion and love you are feeling. However, if you spent a lot of time designing your nursery or really wanted a photo is certain spot in your home, it is definitely disappointing. But, we can still capture the baby’s face, the details, how you hold them and the love you are feeling.

dad holding new baby

3.No touching. More verbal communication.

I never did a lot of posing but I did wrap and swaddle babies.  Now, I’m not touching anyone or anything besides my camera so I’m spending time describing to parents what to do -how to wrap the baby, where to lay them down, etc. In the past, I might pick up a chair to move it but now I’ll ask you to do it.

baby wrapped up in blanket Boston newborn photographer

4. You don’t need to clean your home.

I’ve never asked families to clean up their home but I know many of us want things to look in order. For outside sessions, just spend a few minutes sweeping the steps, if you have them, or hosing them down the night before (so there is time to dry). If you don’t want the grill or something else in the photo put it away.

parents holding baby outside in Boston


5. The time of the session is important.

For an outdoor session to work it needs to be near sunrise or sunset – which might not work for all families – or there needs to be some shade. I can work with families to determine  a good time but in general earlier and later is better, avoiding the peak time in the afternoon when the sun is highest in the sky.

mom laying with baby in the grass Boston newborn photographer


Here are some other favorites from their newborn gallery.

parents holding baby Boston Newborn Photographerparents cuddling newborn Boston baby photosparents cuddling newborn laying in grass Boston baby photoslooking at baby from overhead Boston newborn photographerblack and white boston photo of family with baby boston newborn family photos with dog outside in Boston parents swaddling baby outside mom holding baby outside home Boston newborn photographer

looking into house boston newborn photographermom cradling baby outside boston newborn photographernewborn sleeping outside Boston newborn photos

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