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Boston Baby Photos During Covid

photo of baby in his mom's hand Newborn Photographer in Boston

For the last year, taking photos has been tricky.  You are excited about expanding your family and are looking for a newborn photographer in Boston. However, there are a number of things to think about and factors for families to weigh.   Everyone’s health is the important thing and that takes priority.  During warmer months newborn sessions can take place outside where it is safer. If it is cold out, like now, families can choose to wait until the weather is nicer and do photos at 3 or 6 months. Parents can try to take their own photos and here is a parent guide to taking newborn photos that I put together a few years ago.

Below are some of the things I have been thinking about and offering clients who are looking for a newborn photographer in the Boston area.

My Photography Covid Policies

I haven’t formally written anything but below are my standard practices. All of these practices are not only for your safety but also for mine

1. It is okay to change your mind.

I think this is really important.  You might feel one way when you book and a different way after having your baby.  I’ve been really flexible about my refund/reschedule policy this year.  There are so many unknowns and the covid numbers keep changing as does comfort levels.  When the numbers get too high some families (or even me) have elected to wait a few months which is completely fine.

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2. Masks and Mask Wearing

For all sessions, I wear a mask. Outside I wear one and for any inside sessions I’ve been wearing two since October.  Since you can’t have your photos taken with a mask there is some risk so I try to take extra precautions on my part.

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3. Sanitizing Equipment

At all indoor sessions, I sanitize my equipment and hands, plus I bring clean socks to wear.  This is not really new and something I’ve always done.

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4. Physical Limitations

I’ve found that inside homes, it is not possible for me to keep 6 feet of distance although I’m doing my best to not touch anyone or anything.  In the past, I may have helped calm a baby or help swaddle but now I give verbal instructions and capture the moment.

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5.  Communicate Any Exposures or Symptoms

My family has been lucky so far that we haven’t been exposed or had to quarantine.  We take our own precautions but this is probably based on luck too.  I ask that all families communicate any questions and concerns and reschedule if there is a question about cold symptoms or possible exposures.  This can be difficult and annoying but it keeps everyone safe.

parents holding baby Newborn Photographer in Boston

Parents gazing at newborn baby Boston Photography parents holding sleeping newborn baby Boston photos mom comforting baby on shoulder Arlington photos parents holding baby in living room Arlington MA newborn baby wrapped in swaddle Arlington MA

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