Family Photographer in Boston mom hugging kid

Tips from a Family Photographer in Boston When You Don’t Want to Pose

When talking with some families they are hesitant about family photos because they don’t want to stare and smile at a camera.  However, when you have kids you have an easy out.  Little kids are naturally wiggly. They run around. They talk.  When you have little kids it is more natural to play with them than to sit and stare at the camera.  But how can a family photographer in Boston still create images that reflect your family? What do you do if you are not smiling at the camera? For this family we just explored a park. While I set them up for optimal light, they were present with the kids.  But give me the specifics on how to get natural connections Beth Ann!

  1. Hug, Snuggle and Kiss Your Kids During Family Photos

Showing love and affection looks different for every family.  One common way is hugs, kisses and cuddles.  If that works for your family bring it.

Family Photographer in Boston mom hugging kid Family Photographer in Boston mom hugging kid

2. Toss Your Children in the Air to Catch a Genuine Smile

I haven’t met a kid who doesn’t love a quick toss.  But if yours hate heights try spinning, zooming or swinging them.

Newburyport family session dad tossing son in the air Dad playing with boy Family Photographer in Boston


3. Chase Them and Let Them Run Wild

How many toddlers do you know that actually sit still? There are so many things do experience and the curiosity is running wild.  Looking to photograph genuine joy and happiness then just let them run. And, then chase them. Next  catch them, pick them up and hug them.


boy running around dad Newburyport family session



4.  Don’t Look at the Camera. Look at Your Kids

So, you don’t want to look at the camera? No problem.  Look at your kids.  You’ll light up and no one is forced to do anything.

kids laughing Newburyport family session

cudding family Newburyport photo session

boy sitting on a rock Family Photographer in Boston

5.  Let the Kids Explore

To me, this is the best.  Kids are naturally curious and capturing in them in their element is so much fun.  This little guy was OBSESSED with this rock and the pond.  He gravitated towards this rock and pond.  When you tried to get him away he got upset.  Solution? Photograph him there and have his personality shine.

Newburyport family session boy climbing on rock boy standing on bridge Newburyport family session boy and dad looking over the bridge Newburyport family session


When everyone is happy and having fun a more traditional photo is a lot easier.

baby girl black and white portrait family photographer in Boston Newburyport family session younger kids laughing. jpg

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