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This was the week when everything changed. The week when school shut down in Belmont, MA. The week the hand sanitizer and toilet paper were no longer available at the store.  The week I wiped my daughter’s tears away when we told her that her 7th birthday party with friends was canceled. And, the week we our lives blurred with the sci-fi movie we watched decades ago.

For awhile even responding to an email was an impossible task.  It was a juggling act for everyone as our new reality set in and tragic for so many who became sick and lost loved ones. Seeing friends and family get vaccinated offers a glimmer of hope. Once we settled into a routine we started making lemonade.  We started biking riding and exploring Massachusetts.  My garden flourished. Hours were spent on the trampoline.

I hadn’t picked up my camera much but something changed in March.  The kids were home more and I was more inspired.  It was like they were little again and we were hanging out, creating and just living instead of living by our schedules.

Last spring figuring out school was a challenge.  There wasn’t school for a few weeks while the details were worked out.  We filled the time with reading, multiplication flashcards, and different online programs that popped up from Mo Willems and the Cincinnati Zoo. Ezra started – or was forced to start – a book where he wrote what he learned about each animal. Our first online holiday – passover seder – along with lots of other firsts. If you want to see more of our year, check out my yearly belmont family photography video.

passover zoom dinner

kids doing remote home schooling on computers at dining room table belmont family photography girl looking bored doing remote school in the dining room belmont family photography boy doing flash cards with mom during remote learning belmont family photography mirror reflection of kids doing homeschool work during pandemic belmont family photography

family having a zoom seder in belmont family photography


When not online, we tried to get outside in the Belmont and Massachusetts area.  The kids refused to walk so biking became our thing.  We live near conservation land so we finally relented and for a few months had morning bike rides for exercise.

boy riding his bike in the woods Belmont family photography

two happy kids riding bikes in the street


We kept busy with home projects and gardening while documenting Belmont family photography.

girl and dad working on home project Belmont family photographer girl looking at seedlings growing by the window boy looking through workhorses while daddy and daughter are sawing on Belmont Family photography working on home projects while on a ladder belmont family photography

Quarantine birthdays became a thing.  When numbers were low we could celebrate with family.  Looking at the photo, I can’t believe we let him blow on the candles.



boy blowing out birthday candles on a m&m cake boston family photographer

Baking and cooking became all the rage in our household.  Sadie has become very proficient and frequently bakes on her own now.

boy cooking in kitchen shifting flour belmont family photography girl baking in kitchen belmont family photography


Thank goodness reading is well loved in our house.  Sadie started on smaller chapter books in March and is now reading the same books as Ezra. This has been a life saver and has given me some breathing space to get things done and not constantly have to entertain.


silhouette image of a girl reading a book in her bedroom boston family photography boy reading in his room boston family photography

So much time has been spent goofing off.  Hide-n-seek plus jumping out and scary someone are now nightly rituals.  I’m a pretty stealth player so watch out.

man sitting at a desk with his feet propped up while smiling in black and white  boy getting a back ride from his dad in the living room dad goofing around in the kitchen with his kids in Boston


And, all the other ways we tried to keep busy and enjoy the everyday moments.

ccccdad paying basketball with his son in boston piano lesson with letters written on the keys in black and white image boy jumping over magnates in the living room girl painting her moms toe nails in the living room floor in Belmont girl face painting her dad's face in belmont family photography girl watching a zoom dance class in the living room during covid kids drawing at a table on a long piece of paper in Belmont dad stretching on the floor in black and white black and white image of girl laying in a hammock during the summer in Belmont dad working on math problems with son using a wipe board belmont family photography

boy getting hair cute in belmont family photography




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