Family hugging Beautiful Boston newbornphotos

Family hugging Beautiful Boston newborn photos

How to get beautiful Boston newborn photos when there is a toddler at home?  

This is something I’ve written about before but it is worth repeating. When there is a toddler at a newborn session how do you still get those beautiful Boston newborn photos you were hoping for.  At a photography session, the toddler becomes my client and my primary goal is to keep him or her happy. How the child perceives me can dictate the session and when the toddler cooperates everyone relaxes.

big sister kissing baby sister on a bed

1. Talk to the toddler

Everyone is interested in the baby but I spend a lot of time talking with the youngest person. I’ll invite them to show me the house or favorite toy and I always take there photo first or play a game with them. This warms them up to me.

Mom brushing daughter's hair

2. Make them feel special

This is so important and is related to my first point.  In pre-covid times, everyone comes to see the new baby.  Now during covid there may be fewer visitors but there is a lot of FaceTime or Zoom calls to see the baby.  Plus, there is someone else to share time with their parent(s).  I always tell the child that I can see they are such a great big brother or sister and give a example of what I noticed.

Dad holding daughter in the living room while playing together and smiling

3. Ask for help

Toddlers love to be helpful so I’ll ask silly questions like can you show me where the baby’s toes or finger are or can you help me count the finger? Sometimes I’ll ask where the baby likes to be kissed. I’m pretty sure I look and sound ridiculous but these exaggerated expressions and gestures  always go over well. My intentions is too make them feel special, which they are. It is such a difficult transition for them.

Family sitting on a bed together with a newborn baby an toddler Family smiling together in the kitchen after having a baby

4. They will get tired

It is okay. As soon as I notice that a toddler is too wiggly or starts to look upset I know it is time for a break.  I’ll have a parent take the time out for a snack and or ask them to spend some time playing with the child or other kids. I’ll use this opportunity to take photos of the just the baby or some parent/newborn shots.

newborn portrait with mom's hands

mom and dad kissing baby son's head Beautiful Boston newborn photos

newborn baby in adorable sweater dad kissing baby boy with mom watching mom snuggling newborn baby boy on her shoulder

mom cradling son in her living room

mom kissing baby son's toes Beautiful Boston newborn photos

mom laying with newborn baby on a bed


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