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Tips to Prepare for your  In-home Boston Newborn Photography Session

in-home Boston photography session mom soothing baby and toddler in crib

You have decided to have an in-home Boston photography session after bringing home your newborn baby. Maybe you are excited.  Maybe you are nervous.  I’m sure you are wondering what you need to do to prepare for your in-home newborn photography session.

1.First, relax.

in-home Boston photography session mom holding toddler and new baby

Really. Relax. I know this is easy said than down but as I tell people it always works out.  Always.  You are taking care of a new life and photos shouldn’t stress you out.

2.  Do I have to clean for my in-home Boston newborn photography session?

in-home Boston photography session family lifting toddler

Yes and no.  I am not inspecting your place for dirt but I am one of those people who cleans frantically when I know someone is coming over so I get it. If you follow me on Instagram you have seen the pile of dishes in my sink.  With babies and kids there is a never ending list of chores.  If you would like the appearance of cleanliness in your photos, then for little effort clear off or organize your nightstand and coffee table. No one will notice that your rug wasn’t clean but things around eye level while sitting will be visible.  Also, take a quick scan around and see if there are any really bright colors (i.e, red and/or orange) from labels.  Those will pop in the photos.  However, if you want a more accurate depiction of what life is like leave them.

3. How long is the session?

mom kissing baby in-home Boston photography session

I tell families to block off 2 hours but the majority of the time it is 90 minutes.  I don’t know why. Maybe it is how I shoot or the flow 90% of the time it is 90 minutes to a tee and I don’t wear a watch.

4.  Why do I need to turn up heat?

dad rocking baby

This always throws people off.  We want your home warm.  Every house is different so I say set the heat to 75 degrees and/or turn your air conditioner off in the summer and then we can adjust if needed.  Since the baby is usually in a onesie or not dressed we want the newborn to be comfortable.  I’m sure you have noticed that newborn baby’s skin can look a little purple or you’ll start to see the veins when he or she is cold.  By keeping the baby warm, the skin will look better.

5. What should we wear to my newborn session?

in-home Boston photography session mom and dad with newborn baby

This is really a personal preference.  First remember we want your home to be warm so don’t put on your wool sweater.  I think in-home session look better and more relaxed with a casual wardrobe.  Clothing is really a personal preference and I want people to feel like themselves.  For the baby, something simple and something that fits.  Avoid anything that hides the baby’s face like a collar. If anyone is self-conscious about a belly in anyway please wear a top or dress that is loose fitting so it isn’t highlighted.

mom soothing baby

6. Where will we take photos of the baby?

mom playing with baby

During the session, I will incorporate different  areas of your home into the session.  In addition, I will look for the areas with the best natural light.  In the past I’ve used the nursery, bedroom, and living room. But I also want to know where you spend time so we can include those areas too.

7. Can we use a blanket or special item into the session?

mom adoring newborn baby

Yes. Yes. Yes.  I don’t bring anything with me and I don’t do “posed” photos but we definitely can include a blanket you bought, one that was made, a small toy, a special outfit, or another heirloom.  Just let me know when I arrive.

8. How can we get photos that look natural?

family in living room with new baby

Before the session think about areas you spend in your home with the baby along with ways you hold, comfort  and feed the baby.  During the session I’ll ask you about them and I’ll do my best to incorporate these things into the session. The photos will feel more natural, more like you and not something imposed on you.
portrait of newborn baby on blue bed black and white photo of baby in crib
If you still need more information, here is another post on how to take are of yourself at your newborn session. Need tips on family photography session? Here you go.


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