Newborn phtoography in Boston kids jumping around

Welcoming a newborn into your home is a momentous occasion, filled with joy, love, and sleepless nights. Documenting these early days with a lifestyle newborn photo session is a beautiful way to freeze those fleeting moments in time. In-home sessions provide a cozy and intimate backdrop, allowing you to capture authentic and heartwarming images of your growing family. Before taking a single photo, you might be wondering what will happen. To make the most of your in-home lifestyle newborn session in Boston metro, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to prepare.

Choose the Right Boston Newborn Photographer

Selecting a photographer experienced in natural newborn sessions in Boston is your first step. Look for someone who specializes in capturing the genuine moments of family life. Review their photography portfolio on their website and instagram to ensure the photographer’s style aligns with your vision for the session.

family sitting on floor in nursery newborn photographer in Boston

Schedule at the Right Time for Your  Family

he internet tells you the newborn session has to happen in the first two weeks but it is not true!  In-home sessions are about documenting this incredible journey you are on.  If you or your baby needs more than two weeks that is okay. With my first baby, I couldn’t do anything for six weeks.  Photos were not my priority.  With my second baby, I was ready to be on the move within hours.  You will not know how you feel until after the baby is born.  Most of my newborn sessions are scheduled between 3 and 6 weeks.  However, if you are ready for photos that first week we can make that work too.

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Prepare the Space in Your Boston Home

One of the common reasons I hear for not wanting a session at home is that the home is magazine or swoon worthy.  Let go of your expectations and embrace your home.  Now that my kids are the verge of being preteens, I love looking back on our home and the spaces we were in.  If you want to create a cleaner “look” clear away any clutter.  The most helpful is moving or organizing coffee table and nightstands which tend to gather all of our loose items. 

When I first arrive, I like to get an idea of the layout, decor and how the light is entering the home.  I look for pockets of light, see where you spend your time and look for creative ways to incorporate the architecture and decor into your images.  This helps makes the images look and feel more like you.  Also, I like to assess the light.  Generally, I can get an idea of where I would like to start and can gauge if the light will leave or get brighter in certain rooms.

Newborn phtoography in Boston kids jumping around

Dress Comfortably for Photographs

Choose outfits that reflect your personal style and are comfortable.  There is no need to dress up or wear a suit. For in-home sessions, the photos will feel more natural and look more like you if you are wearing your everyday clothes.  For new moms, wearing something loose can hide the belly.  Also think about the neckline of your top or dress.  If you don’t want your chest showing pick a top with a higher neckline.  Conversely, if you are embracing your new figure, go ahead and flaunt it.  

big sister kissing baby newborn photographer in Boston

My biggest tips are to avoid neon because it gives off a color cast, and to avoid wearing the color black.  

dad holding daughter and newborn baby

Older Siblings Dictate the Session

This might seems odd but one of my goals is to keep the older kids happy.  You can always comfort a newborn but a big kid needs attention too.  I always ask older kids to walk me around the home and show me their favorite toys.  This gives them a few extra minutes to get to know me before the camera is covering my face.

mom kissing older sibling next to baby newborn photographer in Boston

If possible, I try to do siblings shots first. In general, young kids are most cooperative when I get there. More tips for toddlers at newborn sessions can be found here.

little sister kissing baby sister

Crank the Heat

Boston homes are all different when it comes to HVAC system.  No matter what season your home should be WARM.  The baby isn’t wearing the same about of clothes as us during sessions.  I find that newborns will sleep better during the session and will be less fussy when the temperature is warm.  It is always a delicate balance between the parents sweating and the newborn being cold but we will find it.  

dad holding newborn baby

Preparing for an in-home lifestyle newborn session involves embracing the uniqueness of your family and home life. What I love about these sessions is that they are all a little bit different and reflect each family, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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