favorite places in boston Robbins Farm Park

It’s April Vacation and you are looking for thing to do in Boston.

Here are our favorite Boston kid-friendly destinations during the vacation week.

The other day I was thinking about the April vacation and wondering about what we would do.  Now that both of my kids are in school most days of the week, we don’t get to visit our favorite spots as much as we used to in prior years.  We mainly use weekends and days off to explore the city and surrounding areas.  The kids seem to have their go-to places they are always asking for.  Now that April vacation week is around the corner we will have a chance to visit some old favorites.

I’d love to hear about your favorite kid friendly spots in the Boston area. Here are our top destinations in no particular order.

1. Einstein’s Workshop

Einstein’s Workshop in Burlington, MA is the perfect spot to spend the morning.  Both of my kids love using all of the STEM toys and Ezra took a summer class here last year. Our library has passes to help with the cost. favorite places in boston Einstein's Kids in Burlington

2. Cambridge Science Festival – Carnival & Robot Zoo

We were first introduced to the Carnival & Robot Zoo last year.  It was a hit with our crew and I can’t believe we had never attended it before.  There were so many hands-on activities which occupied us for hours.  It is a very popular event so give yourself some time to maneuver through all the people and to interact with the exhibits. This year it is on Saturday, April 15, 2017 at the Rindge and Latin School.

favorite places Cambridge Science Festival boston

3. Boston Marathon

I volunteered at the Boston marathon for 3 years before even seeing the race.  My volunteer spot was at the information tent near the end of the course.  When we moved back to Boston, I made sure to go actually watch the race.  Marc’s birthday is usually around race day so we make a day out of it, cheering on the runners. I can’t seem to find a better photo!

favorite places boston marathon viewing

4. Boston Museum of Science

The Boston Museum of Science is one of our favorite spots.  I used to take the kids there weekly mainly because during the week it was never too crowded and there was a lot of space for them to run.  The kids love the live animal exhibit on the ground floor and the Discovery Zone on the main level, which can entertain them for hours.  Lately, I’ve been really impressed with the rotating exhibits, which always include an interactive piece for the kids.  If you haven’t been to the museum in a while the newly renovated Yawkey Gallery is gorgeous and there are permanent exhibits on the ground floor about the Charles River that are great for kids.

favorite places Boston museum of Science

5. Discovery Museum in Acton

The Discovery Museum in Acton is another favorite spot. When we first started going the kids spent most of their time in the original house (interactive play rooms for smaller toddlers) but recently we have graduated to the science building.  The museum recently announced plans for a new museum to house both buildings.

favorite places discovery museum in acton, ma

Every time we are at the museum, the kids make a design on the spirograph which adorn their bedroom walls.

favorite places discovery museum in acton ma

6. Playgrounds, playgrounds, and more playgrounds

You can’t go wrong with a playground.  These days there are so many cool design elements that even grownups can have fun playing around. The slide below is at Robbins Farm Park in Arlington, MA.  Another favorite spot is Joey’s Park in Belmont, MA and Alexander W. Kemp playground in Cambridge.  I’d love to hear about your favorite spots, too.

favorite places in boston Robbins Farm Park in Arlington MA

7. Drumlin Farm

What’s not to love about animals and trails at this amazing place in Lincoln, MA. My kids love seeing the farm animals and taking a ride on the tractor (remember to bring a few extra dollars).  A friend went recently and said there are baby lambs.


favorite places boston Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MA

9. Rock Climbing

My husband is into rock climbing so occasionally we will take the kids.  If you aren’t belay certified look into bouldering which doesn’t require ropes.  Actually, the roped climbs seem to scare my kids so they prefer to boulder.  Central Rock in Watertown, MA and Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville, MA are two local options.

favorite places boston Central Rock Climbing Gym in Watertown MA

10. Harvard Museum of Natural History

On Sunday mornings and Wednesday afternoons this Cambridge museum is free to enter with a Massachusetts ID.  My kids love exploring the rock room and gazing at all of the animals.  Go right when it opens on Sunday to beat the crowds.  Below Sadie is asking me why she can’t hear the ocean.

favorite places in boston Harvard Museum of Natural History

11. Imagine in Cambridge, MA

This is one play space that  my kids are constantly asking to visit.  We don’t go that often but when we are there they are entertained for hours.  It is the perfect rainy day spot.  The upstairs has a lot of activities and games while in the downstairs area there is room to run and ride bikes. They even installed a small outdoor playground.

Favorite places Imagine in Cambridge MA

12. Outdoor trails

Marc and I love to hike and we are trying to cultivate a love of the outdoors in the kids.  When we can, we try to take the kids on short hikes to explore the outdoor conservation areas.  One of our goals is to visit as many Audubon and Trustees reservations as we can.

Favorite places hiking in New England

13. Library Programs

The children’s programs at our library are wonderful.  I always forget to check, but particularly in the summer it seems that there is a terrific line up of events.  Last summer, we went to a puppet show, an animal program, and a bubble experiment program. It is worth investigating the area libraries.  The Belmont library has a great new feature where you can quickly add the program to your google calendar with one click. Below the kids are waiting for a library program to start.

favorite places boston Library Programs

14. Ready, Set, Kids

Ready, Set, Kids, The Loved Child, and the JCC are a few of the local businesses that provide quality children’s programming. Typically they are free or require a small fee.  The science class offered through Ready, Set, Kids is a favorite with my kids.  During the vacation and summer there are often drop-in programs.

favorite places boston Ready, Set, Kids in Arlington MA

15. Ice Cream

What would a vacation be without stopping for some ice cream. Moozy’s in Belmont is a favorite with my kids. A tantrum ensues if we go anywhere other than to “the cow place”.

favorite places in Boston Moozy's Ice Cream




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