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Dear Ezra,

I can’t believe you are turning 3 years old in 2 weeks. It seems like I just blinked and you are now this amazing little boy expressing himself with so many ideas.  It is incredible to finally get a glimpse into what you are thinking as you tell us all about animals and things you like.  Animals have surpassed dinosaurs as your number one interest.  You love the show Wild Kratts and lately run around saying you are talking to Chris trying help rescue the animals with your creature power.  The other day I realized you knew about shadows.  We were reading and you said “Move away shadow. I can’t see.” and swatted your at your shadow.  It was the cutest thing.

That said you have your moments.  Tantrums are in full force and often over the tiniest things.  It is so hard for me to keep my cool when you can’t decide between the “square cereal” and Cheerios.  And, everything has to be bigger.  This usually means more milk, more toothpaste, more food, more anything.   In addition, we have entered the “I must do everything myself phase.”   At first it was cute, but now I can’t even make a cup of coffee without my helper. If I even attempt to do this task on my own you enter melt down mode. Like everything it is just a phase and we are working through it.

You are becoming more and more interested in your sister and I can’t wait to hear your conversations once she starts talking.

Love, Mom


Dear Sadie,

You are 15 months going on 3.  You think you are your brother’s age and have the hardest time understanding why you can’t do certain things.  You’ve grown from the quiet little baby into a fierce toddler.  No one can take your toy without you putting your foot down (or screaming at the top of your lungs) and if everyone else is eating with a mommy size fork you want to as well.  You’ve decided that you can climb anything, which is unnerving for me because you’ll walk off the slide or structure if I’m not paying attention.  Pretty much everyone who meets you think you are “cute” and the happiest baby  – excuse me big girl – they have met.  After dropping Ezra off at daycare we sometime stop at the coffee shop where you walk up to almost every person and try to get them to smile at you.

You are smitten with your brother – except when he takes your toys.  You love looking for him and laugh hysterically when he chases you. It is incredible how much you understand.  If I tell you we are going to the store, you walk over to the hallway where we keep the shoes and sit down.  If I ask you to throw away something you grab it and walk to the garbage can.  You know a handful of words such as mommy, daddy, ezra, ball, kittie, doggie, baby, up and pap pap.  My least favorite is boobie, which you yell and then point hysterically  to my chest when you want to eat.  I have no one but myself to blame for that one.

I’m looking forward to what the next month brings!

Love, Mom




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  1. Ashley says:

    Your little ones are just adorable! I too am in that phase you were talking about with your little boy. I have a 2 1/2 year old and whew….some days are just rough haha!

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  3. Jaime Coyle says:

    Aw, these images are awesome. That last one is so cute. I love her little smile.

  4. Fiona says:

    They seem so sweet together! I love these photos 🙂

  5. Rebecca says:

    So sweet! I love their hair! The look like they keep you on your toes. Adorable!

  6. Charlotte says:

    Oh I am in love with these two and their little relationship you can already see! What beautiful pics:) And I’m not sure if I said this last time – but man I love their names!

  7. Shilan says:

    Your images are just so beautiful! <3 The letters are so sweet <3 Beautiful kids! Eeek soon to be the big 3!!! How exciting!

  8. Tamryn Jones says:

    These images are just soooooo precious and I love that they have a close bond. They will be best friends 🙂 Their curls are adorable.

  9. […] I am so excited to participating in this blog circle with so many amazing and talented photographers and mothers.  Last month’s post can be viewed here. […]


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