Boston Family Photographer

I am so excited to participating in another blog circle. Last year, my letters were addressed to Ezra but this year the focus will be on both of my children.  To continue the blog circle, please check out Rebecca Hellyer Photography –


Dear Ezra and Sadie,

I don’t know where to even start.   It is incredible to see the two of you interact together. I keep wondering what your relationship will be like as you begin to get older and especially as Sadie starts to talk.

To Ezra – Right now there are some amazing moments when you will get Sadie a toy or share something with her.  It is clear that Sadie adores you (most of the time) and wants to play.  She loves beginning chased by you. And, I love hearing the two of you laugh together.  During the last few weeks, you have become so independent and you want to do EVERYTHING yourself.  I know you are  learning and testing boundaries so I try really hard to be patient.   You want to see everything I’m doing and be a part of it whether it is cooking or cleaning or some random task. This past week was a huge milestone where you actually used your potty.   While you were in the bathtub you said you had to go “poopy” and did just that! We were so excited for you!

Boston Family Photographer

Boston Family Photographer


To Sadie – You are pretty much the happiest baby ever.  There are very few times when you are not smiling or trying to get someone to smile at you.  Since turning one a few months ago you have developed a little fiestiness, which is actually endearing.  You are going to need it to compete with Ezra.  You are becoming a pro at walking and are starting to learn a few words.  I can’t wait to hear you talk more and express your thoughts.  You take after your brother and are a HUGE fan of animals.  In the museum the other day you saw a panther and ran over to screaming “KITTY” with the biggest smile on your face.  The other words you know now are “mama,” “dada,” “kitty,” “Ezra,” “doggie,” and sometimes I can get you to say “woof.”  I can’t wait to see what words you learn this month.


boston baby photographerboston baby photographer

I have such a hard time taking photos of you together so I hope to try a little harder next month. The most recent photo I have of the two of you together this month.

Boston Family Photographer

Here are a few photos from our trip last weeks to NYC and the Washington DC area to visit friends.

Boston Family Photographer

  1. Ashley says:

    So sweet…and your images are amazing!!! I love the one of them together!

  2. Alison says:

    The pride you have in your little ones just glows through this post. And those shots with the blooming trees are gorgeous!

  3. Rebecca says:

    Yay for potty training! Your munchkins are so sweet. And those trees!! Breathtaking!

  4. Shilan says:

    Holy wow! These are amazing. I LOVE the ones by that beautiful tree. Your children are gorgeous <3

  5. Tamryn Jones says:

    I really love these images. Fantastic.

  6. amber says:

    Absolutely beautiful images and children!

  7. Fiona says:

    The sibling bond is such a beautiful thing to watch unfold 🙂 Your kiddos are precious!

  8. Charlotte says:

    Beautiful pictures and little ones. And it’s been said already a few times…but that tree! I need one:)

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