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Dispelling Misconceptions: 6 Myths about Boston In-Home Newborn Photography Sessions

Capturing these precious early moments has become a cherished tradition in the world of in-home newborn photography. However, the internet is full of misconceptions about Boston newborn photography sessions. Let’s debunk common myths and highlight the significance of considering the mother’s mental and physical health during in-home newborn photography.

Myth: Your Home Must Be Picture-Perfect
Reality: Embrace Your Home’s Authenticity

mom snuggling newborn baby

Contrary to popular belief, there’s no need for a perfectly styled home. Ditch Instagram “perfection.” The essence of in-home sessions lies in capturing the genuine environment. The backdrop of your home makes the photos more uniquely yours, making the photographs much more special when you feel nostalgic in a decade. Whether it is a rental, or somewhere where you haven’t painted or maybe it is immaculately decorated, embrace the uniqueness of your home, imperfections and all, as they add character to the photographs.


Myth: Newborns Must Sleep for Perfect Photos
Reality: Awake Moments Tell a Story

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Contrary to the belief that every photo should feature a peacefully sleeping newborn, awake moments are equally precious. Candid shots during alert times capture the baby’s unique personality and enhance the authenticity of the session. You can’t dictate what a newborn does during a session; however, there are things we can control – make sure the baby has eaten, has a clean diaper, etc.

Myth: Extensive Props and Accessories Are Necessary
Reality: Simplicity is Captivating


internet often showcases elaborate setups, but simplicity can be just as enchanting. Focusing on the baby’s features and the family’s connection without overwhelming props allows for a more authentic representation when photographing your baby at home. There are some must-have props, though. If you have an heirloom or memorable gift or outfit, think about incorporating them. Some families have handmade blankets for the baby. For other families, the everyday blanket on the couch might have an incredible texture or color that will differentiate your pictures from someone else’s.

Myth: Photoshoots Must Happen Within the First Week
Reality: Flexibility Supports Mother’s Well-being


baby photos in the home should I take newborn photos is one of the most commonly asked questions. The answer could be clearer, but the timing depends on your family. You are NOT missing out if the session doesn’t happen in the first week. If your baby is in the NICU for a few weeks or you are struggling to recover, does that mean you missed the “window?” Of course not. A sibling may need more time to adjust, or you are having difficulty moving around. These are all reasons to wait. Flexible timing accommodates the mother’s physical and mental recovery and any of the family’s needs. Most sessions are between 3-6 weeks to ensure a relaxed atmosphere, allowing parents to adjust comfortably.

Photoshop is Essential for Perfection
Reality: Embrace Natural Beauty

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While post-processing is typical, excessive editing isn’t necessary. Natural imperfections, such as baby acne or peeling skin, narrate the story of the early days. Embracing authenticity often resonates more than aiming for overly perfected images. Babies do not have perfect, smooth skin; keeping the photo slightly natural sometimes does wonders. However, if we catch the baby during its ance phase, I’m happy to clean that up!

Myth: It’s Solely About the Baby
Reality: Prioritize Family Connections and Well-being

parents with newborn baby in Boston home

In-home newborn photography is an opportunity to document the entire family’s connection. Including parents and siblings in the frame adds depth and emphasizes the importance of this critical milestone in your family. Of course, you want to remember what the baby looked like, but what about how you held him or how your partner looked at her?


In-home newborn photography is a beautiful way to document this new time and moment with your baby. By dispelling common myths, we encourage parents to embrace the authenticity of their homes, babies, and family connections during these intimate photoshoots. Remember, the internet may inspire, but the real magic happens when you make it your own.


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